Instructions to fill Stamp Paper form

Non Judicial Stamp paper is a Governmet of India document used for various types of agreements and it is way to collect stamp duty.

Indolegal is providing a forwarding service to help in ordering the Stamp papers online easily. Indolegal is not a stamp paper vendor so we donot charge any commission we only charge the service charge for the service we provide. We also provide document typing help.

Fields that you see on each form are mandatory and required by the Sub-Registrars office. 

1) Person's Name : This is the name of the person for whom the stamp paper is required.

For example(e.g): If you need a stamp paper for a Loan agreement and the agreement is done between "you" and the "Bank"

If the bank requires you to get the agreement done on stamp paper then you will enter  your name in the "Person's Name" Field. If you just buy the stamp paper for some one then you need to enter that person's name.

2) Person's Age: It is the age of ther person, don't enter the Date of birth.

3) Father's Name: It would be the name of the Father of "Person"

4) Address: This is the India address (Don't enter your foreign address)

5) Stamp Paper Writing: If you want us to print content of any agreement on stamp paper, we will be glad to print it for you. Send us your content in word document to support[at]

Stamp paper instructions