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How to Revoke Power of Attorney (POA) and cancel powers

Indolegal - 3 simple steps to revoke Power of Attorney. Revoke Power of Attorney in India and cancel powers easily.



3 - Simple Steps for POA revocation

1) Select "Add to Cart"


2) Fill online form & submit a copy of original POA


3) Power of Attorney cancellation will be prepared and sent to you.


One of Experienced Attorney will help you in preparing the Revocation of Power of Attorney. Once you recive the documents you need it register the cancellation with local Registrar.

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At Indolegal we make all efforts to make it easy and simple to revoke your power of attorney so it can meet your individual needs.

If you would like to see what it may look like you can see some samples and  Forms to revoke General Power of attorney or to revoke Special Power of attorney letter.



If you want to revoke the power of attorney you can do so by preparing the proper documentation and registering with the local registrar. Indolegal can hlep you to revoke the already issued power of attorney. Indolegal can help you to revoke your power of attorney very cost effective, simple and easy way. You can manage process and payment online. Our expert network attornies can help you in preparing a Indian deed of revocation of a power of attorney whether it is a Special Power of Attorney or General Power of Attorney. 

When can you Revoke Power of Attorney

Revocation is an important part of any sample power of attorney form. In most cases, a power of attorney can be revoked in the following circumstances:

1. If the executor of the contract implicitly or expressly revokes the POA contract

2. You may have set the power of attonery for a cerntain period and when the period is over then you can cancel the agreement

3. If there is an intermediate agency and it  renounces the contract

4. When the law deems it to be revoked

5. When the actions to be performed under the POA sample is deemed to be illegal or impossible

6. If the POA is based on a partnership and for some reason the partnership is dissolved then the power of attorney can be revoked

7. When there are two parties involved in a power of attorney and either party is deemed to be incapable or bankrupt, or dead then it can be cancelled.

How do you revoke a power of attorney

To revoke a power of attorney you need to know some details

1. Find out if the original power of attorney was registered with Government if yes then you need to register the revokation deed too.

There may be a need for stamp duty depending on the situation 

If you registered you original power of attorney in India the revoking instrument should also be registerd. Please find out wether your original document is registered or not. When preparing the deed of revocation full details of orginal registraion should be present.

2. You need a expert who can understand all the legal implications to properly and absolutely revoke the power of attorney.

3. The legal expert should prepare a deed to revoke all the powers that were originally granted and ther attorney should be informed. 

Indolegal Industry experienced lawyers can help you in preparing a deed of revocation of a power of attorney. If you would like to see what a sample would look like you can see below sample. A power of attorney that is prepared by experienced lawyers is always better as they will be upto date with latest changes, updates in the legal acts.