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Easy Business Incorporation in India

Guaranteed, Fast and Easy online company formation in India by authorized experts. Start and setup new business quickly using our national incorporation service. 


Setting up a new company in India online

Indian economy is growing at a steady pace and this is the right time to start a new venture in India. Indian Economy stands in the fourth place among the largest economies of the world based of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Many mutinational foreign companies are considering India as their lucrative business investment destination. Before the market gets saturated catch up on the flow.

A company formed right can grow right. Your future growth potential depends on the base roots of your firm. To meet the demad of growing economic market you need to start your business right.

Answer few questions on our easy to use online form and provide required documents for company incorporation and we take care of the rest. We can help you if you in setting up any type of company anywhere in India.



Sole Propreitorship


Partnership Company


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Private Limited (Ltd) Company


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Public Limited (Ltd) Company


Co-operatives, Societies


Joint Hindu Family business


We can help you in forming and settingup different types of business organisations in India. Each type of business has both advantages and disadvantages. The initial evaluation of the structure of business is very important as the rest of your business depends on the type of organisation you choose. 

At Indolegal we made it very simple and easy for our clients by providing turnkey company formation services..

Our partners and staff are always up to date with any changes in the law and government agencies which provides hassel free service.

Easy Online incorporation of business and new company registration service


 Reliable and Simple way to form a company in India online
Easy to fill form few Minutes to send your details
Guaranteed business incorporation Hassel and Stress Free
Help on Articles of Incorporation, Name search, License, Start up help, and more...


At Indolegal we make all efforts to make it easy and simple to meet your company needs.

Thank you and please let us know how we can assist!

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Indolegal Team

  Indolegal company formation

Most frequently asked questions(FAQ) on Company Incorporation

1. Business Incorporation and registration of new company in India
2. What is DIN number and PAN card and how to get them
3. How to change company structure from Private company to Pulic company
4. Change business calendar and Finacial calendar to a different date
5. I have very small online biz in India do I need to register as a company
6. Is it better to buy a business or own a business by setting up from scratch
7. How to run business successfully
8. I want to change name of my India based company
9. How to open business bank account online in India
10. Some Ideas which can suggest name for a new Company and name check

1. Business Incorporation and registration of new company in India

Registration of a new company is becoming easier these days. If you already have a business in mind and know what business to start, this section will provide details on how to register a business in India. To know more about how to incorporate your business readon. Before you register your company you need to know which city and state will be your company primarily based out of. Indolegal can help you in registering your company in any state in India, we have incorporation expert lawyers and Chartered accounts who can help in forming company anywhere in India. Under the companies act, the registrar of companies in each state handle the incorporation of company in that state. Our national incorporation services help you to register a business in any major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and many other cities and towns all over India. If you want to start a online business and need company setup and creation help Indolegal can help you to get going.

2. What is DIN number and PAN card and how to get them

You need to obtain DIN number (Director Identification Number) before you can start your business and have a PAN card. If you don’t have one already we can obtain a PAN card first and apply for a DIN number in India

3.  How to change company structure from Private company to Pulic company

When we registered our company initially we registered it as a Private limited company how can we change it to public company in India. Many companies start up as private limited companies and as they grow and when you are ready to issue shares to the general public you would like to change it to public. Indolegal can assist you with changing your company to public company. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

4.  Change business calendar and Finacial calendar to a different date

How can I change my company Financial year to a different Fiscal year. You can change your Financial year of the company, many clients have done that. When they start their company they setup their business with a general Financial year but as the business grows and their comfort level changes they change it to a different financial year for closing their books. Indolegal can assist you with this.

5.  I have very small online biz in India do I need to register as a company

When ever you sell some product or provide service you are doing a business transaction no matter how small the business is and needs to be registered. Some people do small online business when you make a sale or provide any service in your small online business in India you owe taxes to government and need to register your online biz with companies register

6. Is it better to buy a business or own a business by setting up from scratch

There are some existing businesses in India which are for sale or acquisition you can buy this ready made business. Before your buy or make aquisition of  a business you should check many things and take some professional help. Indolegal has experts in our network who can help you in business acquisitions and mergers in India.

There are also some shelf companies which are registered already with government but have no business dealings or transactions, you can buy the shelf company it comes with a existing company formation, articles, etc.

7. How to run business successfully

Here are some tips for starting a business and running it successfully

8. Want to change name of my company

My company is registered in India and how can I change the name of the company. If you want to change your company name it is possible to do so with Registrar of companies. Please let us know what name you have in your mind and we can do a company name search to see if the new name is available to register, If it is available we help you to change your company name.

Select a business name that tells more about your business. For example if you want to start a online business you can choose to put online in your company name. If you want to do import export you can put import word in the name etc. 

9. Some Ideas which can suggest name for a new company?

A new business venture can be daunting and needs lots of hard work and patience. How to name a company? When you try to form a new business venture it is essential that you choose a good name for your company. Make sure that the name won't resemble some company that is in existence and already in business that can violate the 1950 Act of names and emblems. Depending on the type of business you can name your new company. Your company name can be different from website domain names, you can own multiple domains for your company. Approval of the name is subject to the decision of ROC(Authority).  Activity of the company must depict in company’s name. 

Regarding proposed names of company you can name them after yourself if you are a sole properator, you can choose descriptive name of business or if you want to create a brand for future try to choose a unique name which will help stand out from the crowd.

To obtaining key word “Group” as a  part of company’s name, authorized capital must be Rs. One Crore.  Key word “Group” would not be accepted by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) authority with minimum authorized capital less than 1 crore. For obtaining word “Global” as a part of company’s name, authorized capital  must be Rs. One Crore.

We can Check the company names available when you provide us some selected names. For obtaining word India as a part of company’s name authorized capital must be Rs.5 lacs

Some Ideas which can suggest name for a new company?

10. Offshore busniess bank account

If you are an NRI and want to have a business offshore bank account we can guide and provide some professional help in getting you started. offshore bank account in India can be obtained in any banks depending your business preference. Here are some banks in India where you can open your business bank account.

State Bank of India, ICICI bank, Allahabad bank, Andhra bank and many more..


Company Incorporation