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Mail Box and PO Box Rental - Terms and Conditions online

We reserve the right to update all the Terms and conditions at any time.

That INDOLEGAL shall place in said box all mail received for the renter and shall be forwarded per instruction to the address on file or a different address if chosen. If the address is different the renter shall provide additional details for security measures to avoid identity theft by others.

Information Accuracy

If any information furnished by the applicant is found to be incorrect or the Post Box is being misused by the renter. INDOLEGAL reserves the right to withdraw the Post Box without notice or without assigning any reason

Renter should inform Indolegal in the event of changing his business address or moving his office to another location, he should invariably inform INDOLEGAL of the change within ten days of such change. In case of failure to do so, the PO Box is liable to be withdrawn without notice and without assigning any reason.

Usage Compliance

We strictly comply with all local, state and central India government regulations  and the applicant agrees that PO Box and Premises shall be used for purposes that comply with all local, state and central government laws and regulations of India and will not misuse in anyway that are against Indian government rules and regulations; and further agrees that no other persons or parties, other than those listed above, shall have access to Mail Box.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of service without notice or refund.  

International Forwarding

If you are a local customer or international customer and request mail and package forwarding to countries out side India, to follow the compliance with international laws and treaties we are required to open and inspect all the packages and parcels that may contain goods and items other than documents and you acknowledge the same and grant us your consent to open any such packages delivered to us in your name.  If some packages cannot be shipped to international countries due to violation of national and international laws those Packages cannot be shipped. For  all such parcels and packages, we cannot take any action and are not responsible for taking any action other than holding the package, at your expense. Futher to this we can forward those to address in India per your request when we recieve clear address and instructions.

Countries we cannot ship items to

There are some countries that are restricted by courier carriers, Governement regulation because of high risk and fraud. Restricted Countries Due to high fraud risk and/or regulations on exports, we cannot forward mail to the countries of Armenia, Cuba, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Romania, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam.

INDOLEGAL shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of mail or packages as INDOLEGAL is not engaged in the delivery of mail and cannot be responsible for failure of the Postal and Courier services to deliver mail or to deliver mail in a timely fashion or in an undamaged condition.

Cooperation and Identity requirement  

We require two forms of Identifications and a notarized application to open a po box account. Acceptable Identification includes valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card; Government Id; Passport, voter or vehicle registration, Pan card, Current lease, Vehicle insurance policy, Mortgage, Ration card, Corporate Id card, University Id

All your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared or disclosed for commercial purposes without concent.  We cooperate fully with Law enforcement authorities, India postal inspection agencies and upon a valid and reasonable request we share any information about the usage and about you identity. We comply with local, state and central government agencies and represtatives. We will notify you of any pending legal process unless we are prohibited from doing so by law. We also comply with valid legal processes, including search warrants, court orders, and subpoenas seeking personal information. These same processes apply to all law-abiding companies. We may share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our terms of use, or as otherwise required by law.

We donot share with third parties and preserve the confidentiality of your Mail's contents and  we donot disclose information contained in your mail other than to carry out the purposes for which you disclosed that information. 

Process service

For the reason that a significant number of locales allow aid of procedure on the client of a post operator by, different things, hand-transporting such methodology to the office of a post executor for example PO box Sending and forwarding, You recognize that Po box usage upon you could be effected by such connotes and you keep us safe from any and all guarantees arising out of such case. 

International Compliance and Law 

 You also agree to comply with INDIA laws and your own national rules, compliances and laws for importing and package recieving. You will not knowingly use the Services to either receive or send illegal materials, prohibited items, live animal, endagered animals or controlled substances or any other products, items that are illegal and that require government permissions . You represent and agree that you will not use or allow the PO Box services and Mail box services to be used for any unlawful, illegal, illegitimate or fraudulent purposes or for any other purpose not in conformity with INDIA Post regulations or other applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations.

For any reason if we suspect that the Services have been used for any illegal, fradulent and unlawful purposes orl activities, we may inspect your Mail and we may immediately terminate your account and all the services without any prepaid refund if there is any. You hold us harmless and  specifically indemnify us and hold us harmless from any and all liability, claims, damages, losses or causes of actions arising from such inspection of your Mail or from the release of information regarding you or your use of the Services to any local, state, or national agency or to the INDIA Post, or to a private party whose subpoena you fail to contest as specified by us. Except as provided in these services.

Hold Harmless 

 For purposes of these Terms, the indemnified parties shall include Premium Amrita Sales & Services Pvt Ltd. and its owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, shareholders, members, successors, assigns, representatives, franchisees, officers, directors, agents, attorneys and employees.

That PO Box and Mail Box renter shall protect, indemnify, and hold harmless INDOLEGAL against and from any and all claims arising from Applicant’s use of the PO Box and Mail Box renter and premises or from the conduct of Applicant’s business or from any activity, work or other things done, permitted or suffered by the Applicant in or about the mail box and premises, and shall further indemnify and hold harmless INDOLEGAL against and from any and all claims arising from any breach or default in the performance of any obligation on Applicant’s part to be performed under the terms of  the agreement, or arising from any act or negligence of the Applicant, or any officer, agent or employee of Applicant, and from any cause other than INDOLEGAL’s negligence, and Applicant hereby waives all claims thereof against INDOLEGAL.

All claims, causes of action, liabilities, judgments, penalties, losses, costs, damages and expenses including attorneys' fees and all related costs and expenses of litigation at arbitration, or at trial or on appeal, if any, whether or not litigation or arbitration is instituted suffered or incurred by us, including, without limitation, any claim for personal injury or property damage, arising from Terms and Services provided to you by us; our use of the Services including without limitation any copyright infringement claims that could arise from our scanning documents at your request;  the failure of any third party, India Post or any commercial delivery or courier service, to provide delivery or courier services accurately and on time;  loss, damage, or destruction of your Mail by any cause whatsoever whether or not attributable to our negligence or intentional act;  any violation by you of any federal, state or local laws, statutes, rules or regulations; and  for the consequences of any attempts of third parties to serve you with legal process through the Services or our facility.