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Marriage Registration in Bangalore is easy if you know the process

Marriage Registration Bangalore

Marriage Registration BangaloreBoasting one of the largest populations in the world, India has to deal with a lot of requests and applications for goods and services every single day. In order to cope with such a large demand, each government must have an elaborate and clearly defined system put in place. The government of Karnataka, for instance, has the Bangalore RTO, a one-stop shop where people can go to for anything from property registration to marriage registration Bangalore. This service is based on e-governance so people can easily access the services on a medium which is quickly gaining in accessibility and widespread use. If anybody desires to know any information regarding marriage registration Bangalore and getting a marriage certificate or any other service he might need he can do so with just a few clicks.

Property registration and marriage registration Bangalore are two of the most common services in the area. Thus, the government needs to focus a lot of its attention on them and make sure that anyone that requires either of them can do so in a fast and efficient manner. That is why they both have a clearly outlined process. In the case of marriage registration Bangalore, the two persons can either follow the guidelines of the Hindu Marriage Act from 1955 or the Special Marriage Act from 1954 if they are not Hindu. Both of them mostly follow the same guidelines pertaining to the marriage process. They both have the same requirements for the bride and groom and need the same paperwork filed. One difference is that the Hindu Marriage Act, the solemnization of the marriage is done by a Registrar, while the Special Marriage Act specifies that the solemnization can be done by a Marriage Officer.

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The requirements for this process involve

1) The woman being at least 18 years old and

2) The man, as well as the witnesses, being at least 21 years old.

3) They must also provide proof that they do not suffer from any mental disorders and that they are single or legally divorced at the time of the marriage.

4) In addition to this, at least one of the two must have resided in the city where they are getting married for at least six months before the ceremony.

If they pass all of these requirements, then they must fill out a form for marriage registration Bangalore form and submit it at the Registrar’s office and then certify it within a month.

5) Two photos, birth certificates and proof of address will be required from the bride and groom as well as the witnesses. They must also hand out application forms to the witnesses who must fill them out. A witness can be a parent, another family member or even a friend, but the relationship between them and the bride and groom must be stated in the form.

The last steps involve covering the fees of 115 rupees and computerizing the information by submitting the now-approved application with another clerk of marriage registration Bangalore. He will put the final stamp on the documents and present the couple with two copies of the marriage certificates, along with the original application.

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It is important for couples to go through the marriage registration process and do it properly. That is the only way in which they are legally viewed as being husband and wife by the government. This will prove useful in the future as there are several other occasions when proof of marriage is required. One example would be when one of the newlyweds wants to renew his or her passport. Changing residence or changing your name also requires proof of marriage, as does applying for a loan or any other service as a married couple.