Name Change in India – Procedure, Forms and Affidavits

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There might be times in life when you have to change your name. For example, you might want to change your name after your marriage. No matter what the reason, it is important to follow the right procedure given out by the prevalent Indian Laws. Unfortunately, this is not easy because a lot of people do not have so much knowledge about the legal procedure. can provide you with the valuable information you need about the name change procedure in India. All you have to do is fill in the necessary form that is available on the website and submit the required documents. If you would like to know more about the name change procedure in India, then you can find some of the necessary information given below.

Overview of Procedure for Name Change in India

The procedure to change name in India can be quite exhaustive, but it is important to follow through completely in order to get your name changed officially. Once you have completed the name change process in India, you would then have to move on ahead and get to your name changed in important documents like your passport. Given below is a complete, step by step procedure for change of name in India.

Definition and Procedure to Change Name in India

The first step in the name change process in India is the creation of a proper affidavit that declares your change of name. The affidavit would have to mention all the necessary details of the father or husband of the person who wants to change his or her name. The details would include the address as well. If you are working for the central government, then you may be required to submit a name change deed according to the rules specified by the Ministry of Home Affairs. If you live abroad, you have to submit the deed that was duly attested by the appropriate Indian High Commission or Indian Embassy. If you have created your affidavit, you would have to get it attested by an Oath Commissioner, First Class Magistrate or Notary.

The next step in the name change process in India is to create the ‘Proforma’. This is basically a plain document that contains the following information- your old name, your father’s or husband’s name, his job and residence address and your new name. The Proforma would have to be signed in your old signature, along with the signatures of two witnesses. All details need to be typed.

Now, you need to advertise the change of your name in a leading daily local newspaper, which states the husband’s or father’s name as well as residential address. You would now have to forward this advertisement, along with your attested affidavit, Proforma and two passport sized photographs to the office of the Gazette of India. It is preferable if you do this in person, but you can also submit all the documents via registered post. If you are going to post the documents, then your photographs would also have to be duly attested.

For those of you who are not aware, the Gazette of India is an official, legal document publishing office that provides information on the operations conducted in the country. Notifications are published regularly, and declared the name change through this authorized legal document certifies your name to be changed. Now, there would be a certain amount levied as printing charges for the publication. If you would like a public notice issued, then extra money would be required. You would have to pay the necessary amount in advance by cash, India postal order or demand draft. If you would like extra copies of the Gazette publication, then you would need to pay a minimal amount for that as well. The overall amount is quite less for Indian residents, but it can be slightly costlier for Indians living abroad. You must remember that all documents submitted to the Gazette office must not be older than 1 year. Once you receive the Gazette publication, the procedure for change of name in India is complete. will assist you in case you feel confused about any part of the name change procedure in India or would like to know the fees to be paid for the Gazette publication.

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