How to get Birth Certificate in India – Forms, Procedure and Registration?

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How to get birth certificate in IndiaHow to get a Birth certificate in India

A birth certificate is probably the most important document for your identity. No matter where you go in the country or what you do, you would always require a birth certificate with you. In fact, you would need a birth certificate even if you are immigrating to other countries. If you are reading this, then you probably want to know the application for a birth certificate for your child or you want to legalize your birth certificate. has the answers to both questions and can provide you help and advice to get birth certificates. Here is a quick overview of birth certificates in India.

Overview of Birth Certificates

The application for birth certificate is considered mandatory for anyone to benefit from the services offered by the Indian Government. Moreover, the certificate is also necessary because it services as proof of birth, which is required for a wide range of purposes, from acquiring a voter’s ID card, getting admitted to schools, joining a government job to even getting an immigration visa for another country. It is also required for claiming several rights, like the right to marry, vote or settle inheritance and property rights. Moreover, a birth certificate is also needed for obtaining other important documents, like a passport or driving license.

Procedure for how to get a Birth Certificate in India Application 

The requirement for a birth certificate in India is stated in the Registry of Births & Deaths Act, 1969. According to this Act, all births and stillbirths need to be registered within a period of 21 days from its occurrence. The process of application for birth certificate is handled by the system for registration of birth, headed by the Registrar General and controlled by a Chief Registrar in each state.

How to get birth certificate in India for a newborn

First of all, let’s look at the process of application for a birth certificate for a newborn child.

To do this, the birth must first be registered with the appropriate Registrar within 21 days from the date of birth. This is done by filling up a form given by the Registrar. You can find this form in the hospital where the birth is taking place. However, if the birth happened at home, then you would need to approach the district registrar for an application form for birth certificate. Once the birth certificate application form, proof of birth, proforma of affidavit and other documents are submitted. They in turn would forward it to the local police. As a final step in the application process, the police would verify the facts through the hospital or personal enquiry with the neighbors and then approve the certificate. Once this verification is complete, the report would be sent back to the registrar’s office, which would then issue the birth certificate.

While you are filling out the application form for birth certificate, you need to ensure that all the details are exactly written. Any mistake in any part of the application form can cause problems in later stages of the application or your child’s life. Make sure that you spell the child’s name carefully, because it can stay with your child forever. If you feel that you have made some mistakes, then you should immediately go to the state municipal corporate office in your jurisdiction that issued the certificate and request for a correction. This kind of a request would generally only be considered if you submit a written application.

How to get birth certificate in India if you missed 21 days deadline

Now, if you have already missed the deadline of 21 days and the application form for birth certificate has not been filled, then you may still be able to get a birth certificate issued. However, this would only be done after the revenue authority orders the police verification and it is completed successfully.

How to get birth certificate in India after several years of birth

If you would like a birth certificate register after several years have passed, then there would not be any use for it. A 10th or 12th standard marks sheet would suffice as date of birth proof for all requirements, even if you do not have a birth certificate.

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