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Drunk Driving (DUI) Lawyers in India - Online help

Experienced DUI Attorneys in India and Online help

Drunk driving also called DUI which means driving under influence of alcohol. Indolegal lawyers are experienced in Drunk driving cases in India, are you involved in a drunk driving accident we can help you with drunk driving defense or drunk driving offense cases.

Fines, Penalties and Punishment for drunk driving

In India fines and penalties for the first offence are fine upto Rupees 2,000 or 6 month imprisonment or both. If  another similar offence is made under 3 years a fine of Rupees 3,000 or 2 year improsionment or both are possible.

Statistics on Drunk Driving accidents in India

Statistical studies show approximately 270 people die in one single day due to motor vehicle drivers who are drunk and under alcohol influence and around 5000 people are seriously injured.

When a Drunken driver operates a vehicle most of the times it causes risk to pedestrians on the roads who are walking and the two wheelers on motorcycles on Indian roads.

Alcohol and drunk driving

According to section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, if the alcohol percentage detected is 30mg/100ml tested by breath analyzer a person is considered drunk and is not fit to operate a vehicle.
Charu Khandal celebrity animator of movie field was a recent victim of druknen driving in mumbai, she had multiple fractures and was hospitalised.

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