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Demand Draft Service

Demand Draft made easy, you can now send payments in Indian Rupees (INR) using India Demand Draft service. Do you need to send payment to any Government / Private agency in India? Or Do you need a India Demand Draft for PAN card application or any other Application ? then you are at the right place.
Demand Draft India

How it Works (3 Easy Steps)

 Select the "Click Here" button above

 Enter payable details and select PayPal Invoice, we will send you the invoice.

 Once you make the payment, We will draw the Demand Draft and ship it to the address you provide.

Reviews from Previous Customers

 I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and support given by your company.

- Marco, Brazil

  I needed a DD in INR to be shipped back to me from India, Indolegal provided at a reasonable charge

- Lisa, UK

  I hope to make other purchases with your company.

- Mark, US

  I have recommended your site to my other friends in New Jersey, who were looking for a Demand Draft from India.

- Akash, USA

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Common Questions on Demand Draft India

    Demand Draft India pay with Paypal.
    Demand Draft India for a company in India.
    India Demand Draft payable to government of India, Patents and Trade Marks.
    Performance Bank Guarantee ( PBG ) payment in India Demand Draft.
    Need a Mail Box / PO Box to receive correspondence letters after you send India Demand Draft?

What is Demand Draft in India

Many applications in India require you to pay the fee paid through Demand Draft (DD in INR ) drawn in favour of their company name. Applications include both government as well as private. It is difficult for a person who is out side India to get the demand draft drawn. We at Indolegal made that process simple and easy. We provide you the Demand Draft(DD) service and can send the DD to you or any company you want.

Where can I get a India Demand Draft for PAN Card

Now you can pay with Credit Card or Debit Card, Paypal to a government agency or any company in India and it will be delivered in Demand Draft. If you are looking to pay a bill in India that can only be paid by demand draft as most of the government agencies only accept payment in Demand Draft India.

You can use our service to pay using your credit card. If you are trying to get a PAN Card in India they require the amount payable to NSDL-PAN in demand draft format. If any of your addresses are foreign addresses and not Indian address, that is if your office address or residential address is not an Indian address, the payment accepted by TIN services Government of India is only Demand Draft payable at Mumbai in Indian rupees.

The Government or company fee amount can be very small or minuscule for foreigners but the method of acceptance will be in Demand Drafts.

Can you ship Demand Draft to any City in India

Yes we can ship to any city in India. We use professional courier service so that you can trust and rely on the service of delivery, we can send the tracking number that is provided by courier service. You should provide your complete address and contact details to receive the DD on time. If your DD destination address is in India it takes 1-3 working days if your destination is outside India it takes 7-10 working days.

Other services we provide are drawing Bankers Cheque or  drawing Indian Postal Order payable to any agency government or private.

We can send the India Demand Draft or Money Order or a Bankers cheque or a Postal order to any where in India or outside the country. We do not ship to some countries that are in the black list by Indian government.

Can you send Demand Draft outside India to my address in USA

We Also help you in providing a India demand draft drawn and payable to an office outside India. We can draw a demand draft and send it to any country per your request at the address you provide. Provided your country is within the legal bounds of Government of India shipping rules and regulations. We have provided services to customers in UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Newzeland, Switzerland and many more country customers. 

I have to send the Demand Draft with my Application.

Some government and private agencies have a requirement to send the India Demand Draft payment along with the application. If you are in that situation don't worry we have two ways to help you here.

  • Provide your address where the Demand Draft needs to be sent, then we can draw the DD and send it to you so you can mail it with your rest of the application
  • Send us your completed application with postage fees and Demand Draft fee, we will draw the DD and enclose it and send it to the agency.


Receiving and Forwarding DD Service (Demand Draft India Forwarding Service)

Many government and private agencies in India donot provide the service to ship Demand Draft outside India due to their limited services. We act as receiving and mailing agents. We can get the DD drawn and ship to all the legally permitted countries ( by government of India). If you want us to receive the correspondence mails/packages we provide our address to the agency. Once we receive the mail we will forward it to you.

How to Pay a Verification Fee with Demand Draft?

If you want to pay a Verification Fee for a board or agency now that is possible using our Demand Draft service.

Can I pay fee for Import export license using India DemandDraft

If you want to start import business you need to apply for IEC code in India with Director General of Foreign Trade office. Application Fee for IEC code number is accepted in the mode of Demand Draft or Pay Order as one of the payment types. You can use our service to get the DD and mail it to you or to the office.

Passport application Fee in DemandDraft

The fee has to paid when you send application form. Passport office requires payment in Demand Draft as one of the payment methods in India. We can help in getting the DD for you.

Send money in Demand Draft format for Insurance

You can send your Demand Draft for your insurance easily by using our online service.

What happens if the Payable Name is wrong on Demand Draft

If time is most important for you it is better to get it right first time as you may miss the dead line for a application. Most of the times Applications will be rejected if the Demand Draft is defective.

Getting a Non refundable crossed Demand Draft

When you are applying on-line please mention it to us that you want a Crossed Demand Draft that is non refundable then we can obtain the same for you

Writing details on the reverse side of Demand Draft (DD)

When you are applying for competitive exams Some agencies require you to write the full name and other details on the reverse side of the demand draft. If you have such requirement please let us know and we can do that.

Not Stapling the Demand Draft (DD)

When you send your DD you should be responsible not to staple the demand draft as it can damage the document and some agencies do not accept it when stapled. Instead use easy pins to fasten documents.

Demand Draft form

When you fill the online application form on Indolegal we take of the rest of filling the Demand Draft form. If we have any further questions or incomplete data we will contact you

Cancellation of Demand Draft in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai or other cities

If you already took the demand draft from us then we can try to help you. It is not guaranteed that all the demand drafts will cancelled by banks. Special conditions apply

Delivery time and shipment of Demand Draft

We use professional courier services to make sure the Demand Draft is delivered to you on time and more secure. Our processing time is 1-3 business days and Delivery time is 5 to 7 working days provided there are no business holidays in India

Demand Draft from USA to India, Send money to India online

If you would like to send money in Demand Draft format from USA to India you can pay using credit card and money will be delivered in Demand Draft  to the desired location. Demand Draft from USA to India. If you need to apply for PAN card and  you are located US you can use this service, It meets your needs to get a demand draft in Indian rupees. You can get INR demand draft in US by selecting your shipping location as USA. To get a Demand Draft from India to USA you dont need to be registered in a Indian bank when you choose our service. Demand Draft is one of the easiest and fast way to send money to India from USA. It is safer option too as anyone cannot just cash the India demand draft ,the person needs to have a bank account.

Can I pay with Demand Draft for AIEEE

AIEEE Demand Draft India can be drawn and sent to you or to AIEEE. You can pay with debit card or credit card on this site by selecting add to cart and we will draw a demand draft and send to AIEEE

How can I get Company Demand Draft

If you own a company and would like to make a payment using Demand Draft , Pay Order or Bankers cheque you can use this service to get started. Payment from your side is easy as you can pay with Credit or Debit card.

What is Account Payee only on Demand Draft

If the amount on India Demand Draft is more than Rs20,000 then that has to be made Account Payee only per the notification of the Reserve Bank of India to avoid Demand Draft fraud related to black money transactions.

Can I make payment for exam application in India using demand draft

You can now pay easily online to any exam which requires the application fee payment payable in Demand Draft, Some of the exams which require are UPSC, APPSC, IGNOU,Central Board Exams,State Board Exams, Engineering Entrance exams, IIT exams, All India pre medical / pre dental exam,IELTS, Apparel Institute, Banking exams, Central government exams and many more..

I need the DD to be drawn from a specific bank

If you have a special requirement of the DD to be drawn from a specific bank you can let us know and we can get it from that bank. Here are some banks which provide Demand Drafts ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), State Bank of Hyderabad, Andhra Bank, Allahabad Bank and many other banks.